Value4Nano Roadmapping Survey on selected Value Chains

The Value4Nano project has as its central aim the valorisation and elaboration of four key European value chains which utilise nanomaterials.
The Value Chains are:
VC1 - Nano and micro printing for industrial manufacturing
VC2 - Nano-enabled, depollutant and self-cleaning surfaces
VC3 - Manufacturing of powders made of functional alloys, ceramics and intermetallics
VC4 - Lightweight multifunctional materials and composites for transportation

For each VC, a first set of current and future gaps associated to the development of certain Product Classes have been considered.
In this round of roadmapping activity we ask your help to:

Contribute defining specific future actions to solve the most important gaps towards the successful development and commercial release of key class of products.
Validate the selection of key class of products which need co-funded pilot line facilities in short medium term.

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